New: Tapkey Office Mode

4 August 2022

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Tapkey office function App
The Tapkey app is now equipped with a new feature, namely the ''office feature''. This function gives you the possibility to open your doors for an unlimited or limited period of time without offering an authorized smartphone or tag. The office function is well suited for those areas where many people walk in and out, within a period of time where it is not necessary to obtain controlled access.

The Tapkey app offers two office functions:

1. Office function for an unlimited period: The door remains unlocked after opening with an office function programmed smartphone or tag. The door is locked again after offering an office function programmed smartphone or tag.

2. Office function for a limited period: The door remains unlocked after opening with a smartphone or tag programmed with office function until the end time of the set period. Upon reaching the end time, the door is automatically locked. Of course, the door can also be locked earlier with office function authorized smartphone or tag.

If an attempt is made to open a lock in office mode with an authorized smartphone or tag without a programmed office function, the Tapkey app will give a notification. The lock time is not updated and remains unchanged. For example, if person A opens the lock with the restriction that it will close again at 5pm, and person B then opens the lock with unrestricted access, the lock will still close at 5pm.

Technical details

The office feature is available in the Tapkey app as of version 2.26.0. If a permission with activated office function is used in an older version of the app, the lock may behave as if the office function is not active.

The feature is currently available for the following DOM Tapkey products:

- DOM Tapkey Pro V2 (digital cylinder, as of firmware v4.1)
- DOM Tapkey Guard (digital door fitting, from firmware v4.1)
- DOM Tapkey LoQ (digital furniture lock, starting from firmware v4.1)
- DOM Tapkey ACM Compact (wall terminal, as of firmware v4.1)
- DOM Tapkey Padlock (from firmware v4.1)

In the Tapkey app you can check if there is a firmware update available for your DOM Tapkey product. If so, you can easily update it via the Tapkey app, click here for a video with explanation.

Please note that the Office feature is not available for older DOM Tapkey products (e.g. DOM Tapkey products with an FW version before 3.0).
Questions about the office function, please feel free to contact us:

T: 070 319 30 06