Separate access management for building owner and tenants with DOM Tapkey

12 March 2024

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Modern apartment complexes require advanced access management that is both flexible and secure. In a world where security and convenience must go hand in hand, DOM introduces Tapkey: Multi-Tenant Access Management. This innovation offers convenience, control and privacy for manager and tenants.

Separate access management public areas and private areas

Managing apartment complexes involves a lot. Until now, all tasks have been in the hands of the building owner or a central administrator. With the new DOM Tapkey feature, management tasks are divided, leading to easier and more specialized management.

More autonomy for tenants

At the heart of the Multi-Tenant feature is the idea of separate management. Apartment tenants are given full autonomy over the access of their own apartment. They can grant access themselves, create tags, view access history and perform other management tasks. This gives them the freedom to regulate their private spaces as they see fit, without interference from the building owner/manager.

Privacy and control for property manager

While tenants take over individual management, the building owner/manager retains control over common areas. This means that the property manager no longer needs to manage access to individual apartments or see the activities within these units. The separation of responsibilities enhances privacy for tenants/owners and reduces the administrative burden on managers.

How DOM Tapkey Multi-Tenant feature works.

DOM Tapkey's new feature is intuitive to use. After setting up the system, administrators can grant tenants/owners access they need to effectively manage their private spaces. The DOM Tapkey software provides a clear cloud-based interface for all users, with roles and authority clearly defined from the outset. The apartment complex manager retains management of the common areas.

Customized access for everyone

This feature allows you to set different levels of access, providing a customized experience for everyone involved. Tenants manage specific tags and mobile keys for their apartment, while the property manager maintains oversight of common areas such as the access area, elevators, bike storage and facility areas.

Benefits of a smart locking solution with Multi-Tenant feature

DOM Tapkey's Multi-Tenant feature brings several benefits, including:

- Management efficiency: By dividing responsibilities related to access, the focus can be on better management within one's own scope.
- User-friendliness: Easy to apply for users of all levels, thanks to the user-friendly software/app interface.
- Split private and communal areas: Public and private spaces are secured and managed without compromising accessibility.
- Increased Security: Control over who has access to what part of the building.

DOM Tapkey's Multi-Tenant feature improves the way managers and tenants work together to ensure security and accessibility in apartment complexes. With this smart locking solution, you can move forward with confidence, knowing that your property is optimally managed while maintaining the privacy and autonomy of your tenants/owners. Are you ready to take access management of your apartment complex to the next level? 

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