DOM Nederland celebrates 30 years

23 June 2021

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Drie mannelijke medewerkers DOM NL
Top left: Sylvain, bottom left: Eugene, right: Joey

DOM NL celebrates thirty years. Not exactly a crowning year, but still a moment to reflect on. We talk to Sylvain Gfeller, who has been 'with the business' for 24 years and has become its director. We talk to Eugene, a man from the very beginning and nowadays the one who does the final check on all the orders sent to customers by DOM Nederland. And with Joey, one of the younger colleagues, who learned in no time how to find his way around the product range and prepares all orders from the warehouse.

"Professional knowledge and the relationship with customers. For Sylvain Gfeller, these are the two core values that were instilled in him at DOM from the very beginning. "When I started, the company was only seven years old and I first had to work in production and in the office. Once in field service, Sylvain noticed that he was regularly put to the test by customers. "Customers want to know whether you are really of use to them. That expertise was pumped in from the start and I've benefited from that from day one."

Customer confidence
Colleague Eugene knows DOM's product range inside out. He was also one of the first five DOM-Netherlands people. These days, he does the final inspection. "Sometimes things go wrong. It doesn't matter, as long as we get it out here." That's why Eugene checks around 200 packages every day, so that all customers can be confident they're getting the right stuff and they can get on with their project smoothly. Read more about Joey and his work at DOM.

Great team
Warehouse manager Joey had to get used to the amount of products and all the different series. "I didn't know anything about locks and thought 'a lock is a lock'. But then when you get into it, it's really a lot. Thanks to the help of my colleagues in our fine team, I learned quickly." Read more about Joey and his work at DOM.

Relating and connecting
Whether you talk to Sylvain, Eugene or Joey, with each of them the customer comes first. Sylvain: "That has indeed been there from the start. We have many loyal customers here, with whom we have regular contact. The relationship with the customer, connecting people, that's become more and more important."

Rapid changes
That cooperation and connection has always been very important and has only increased over the past 30 years. Sylvain: "With the increase of electromechanical systems, it is sometimes all hands on deck for our end users and dealers and in that respect our knowledge and support has only become more important. The combination of that knowledge with all the innovative products from the DOM factory and our loyalty to each other and to our customers is, in my opinion, a successful combination." Read more about Sylvain and his work at DOM.