DOM Security Released New Anti-bacterial Digital Door Handles, Cylinder, and Panic Bars

8 July 2020

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Antibacteriële Guard deurkruk

Paris, June 2020

To increase the awareness of hygiene importance, DOM Security is developing anti-bacterial door handles, cylinder, and some variants of their panic bars. For this project, we collaborate with two companies in Germany and Italy: GBneuhaus and Inver. Both companies work in industrial paint and innovative coating solutions, especially solutions with nanosilver/silver ion as the main ingredient.

Why silver ion? Plenty of research has found evidence that silver is the only chemical that fights any mildew, bacteria and fungi. Based on a study by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, silver has a behaviour that guarantees anti-bacterial effect to happen, even the smallest quantity, which kills up to 99,9% of harmful microorganisms. When a coated surface comes in contact with moisture and human skin, the slow and constant release of silver ions reacts with the bacteria’s DNA, eventually killing the bacteria. The similar effect happens to fungi. Hence, silver ion or nanosilver is used as the active component in anti-microbial coating and paint.

The nanosilver coating will be applied on the metal handle of Guard and metal knob of Pro. Meanwhile, for the panic bars, the silver ion paint would be applied to the bars/handles of the product.

This press release will be updated continuously. Stay tuned to our social media channels for new developments on this project.