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DOM quality with your label

Expert for experts

You need to deliver and develop professional systems and products for your customers such as trades, architects, industry and workshops. This is why you should choose a partner who you can rely on for high-quality products and perfect logistics.

DOM quality with your label

We will happily support you during product development. What is more, you can draw on a comprehensive product range - whether for mechanical or electronic systems - and all popular materials and manufacturing processes. In this way, you can pass on typical DOM quality first hand to your customers - but with your name and logo. You can purchase the entire DOM product portfolio for the classic after sales sector from our sister company DOM Industry Services GmbH (DIS) in Austria (

We offer customised high-volume production of the entire DOM range for wholesalers. With your label and your individual configurations. Are you looking for a very specific product? To complement our portfolio, we draw on the systems of the entire DOM Security Group.

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