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Furniture & Shopfitting

Highest design and security standards

Perfect Duo: Design & Security

In long-term business relationships with the industry leaders in furniture and shopfitting, we repeatedly demonstrate our competency through the highest design and security standards. At the same time, we contribute greatly to reducing costs in the manufacturing and assembly fields through the development of modular systems.

Sophisticated: Shopfitting

Do you place the highest demands on design, practicality and customer benefits with your shopfitting designs? Then equip your concepts with the best security standards! Use our expertise in high-quality and demanding security systems in shopfitting - specially for wood furniture. We collaborate with you to develop new ideas that are tailored to the needs of your customers.


Appealing: Display cases

Display cases house the most precious and beautiful things. To keep them this way, you need unobtrusive locking systems with the highest level of protection. DOM supports you with visually appealing locks for display cases in every field of application. Our electronic locking systems for glass display cases are even more comfortable and safe – here our transponders achieve a long scanning range so that the electronic solution can be located behind the glass. DOM has also developed special closures and rotary push cylinders for sliding glass doors that meet the requirements of your customers in terms of security and visual appeal.

Robust: Operating facilities

For metal and iron constructions, such as tool cupboards, roller cabinets, workbenches and cooling technology, we deliver tough and secure locking systems.