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DOMConnect® Data on card (OSS)

Programme and manage your entire system with transponders

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Using DOMConnect® OSS

With Data on card the authorisation data is not stored on the digital locking devices, but rather on something that all users carry with them: transponders. It fits perfectly to a lot of door situations like office doors, where an online solution isn’t possible but that require you to often change the access authorizations, add new users or provide temporary access to visitors. With OSS / Data on Card you will no longer need to go to the door: every change of access rights is managed by the system and written to the transponders, which carry this data to anywhere you need it to go.

Benefits for endusers

    Smooth and transparent communication between the TPS and identified DOM products for more control and insight.
    The locking devices have the latest access whitelist stored in the memory. In case of a network failure the latest access authorisations are still controlling, which grants a stable process and continuity of your organisation.
    The access authorisations are not stored on the digital locking devices, but on the transponder cards. So there is no need to physically go to the door to make changes to access authorisations.

We support the Open Security Standards Association (OSS)

Standards have a positive impact on technology from an end user’s perspective. Therefor we strongly support the OSS-Association e.V. (Open Security Standards Association), who develops, communicates and markets standardized protocols, components and encoding within the access control market and the associated security-related hardware and software. The first standard that has been created is OSS Standard Offline.

We believe that by focusing on our specialty digital locking technology and by offering open but high secure solutions, will give great advantages for the end user.

Programming method

1. Add transponders or change access authorizations in DOMBridge via Third Party Software (TPS).

2. The user loads his access authorisations on the transponder via the wall terminal.

3. Person can now open the door.


DOMConnect can be integrated with new and existing access management systems via secure and user-friendly web services. Whether you choose a DOM transponder or an existing transponder (card) that you already use for existing applications.

DOMConnect digital locks support the following range of transponder types:
Mifare DESFire 2k EV1 / EV2
Mifare DESFire 4k EV1 / EV2
Mifare DESFire 8k EV1 / EV2


Benefits for integrators

    The graphical user interface DOMPloy is an attractive and user friendly tool for developers. This Windows tool supports developers as well as integrators, to have a good overview on the status of the DOM Bridge devices and access authorisations and to perform specific maintenance and configuring tasks.
    Due to a standard HTTPS interface with web service it is easy for developers to integrate it in any programming language.
    Third-party software does not require any proprietary software libraries for development, deployment or execution.
  • The security or facility manager is in full control of who has access to what areas, at what time and for what period.
  • Users can access anything they need to in your building, but cannot enter rooms they should not be in. This feels safe, without feeling restricted in movement.
  • With the DOMConnect App the manager can maintain the system easily. All events can be read out directly in front of the door and synchronised to the DOMBridge.

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