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Experience a new sense of freedom

Discover DOM Tapkey, a revolutionary way to open and close the doors of your home or office. Simply hold your smartphone against the digital cylinder and you're inside! With the plug & play technology, installation couldn't be easier. You no longer need a traditional key to secure your home or office.  All you need is a smartphone or tag (transponder), the Tapkey app and a digital DOM cylinder. 


    Have you lost a tag? No problem, with the Tapkey app you can grant and deny access rights via the cloud (remotely with your smartphone).
    Control the Tapkey app with your Android or IOS smartphone and easily program access rights and time zones.
    See if your children arrive home on time, program (temporary) access for the parcel delivery person or the babysitter.
    Simply install the cylinder yourself, download the app and torque both. You are assured of ultimate safety in three steps
    Trusted level of high quality mechanical protection of our digital cylinders and door fittings.
    A wide range (13 variants) of digital hardware products for almost every door situation.

Suitable for Android and IOS devices

The Tapkey app is easy to use and compatible with Android and IOS smartphones. The app activates the DOM Tapkey digital cylinder or the digital door fitting via the NFC (Near Field Communication) or via the BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology of your smartphone. The administrator can create and manage virtual keys for other users using a highly secure Tapkey account.

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A simple & quick setup!

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Program transponders with your smartphone

Programming transponders with the Tapkey app is easier than ever. Hold the transponder against the back of your smartphone. Within seconds, your transponder will be registered to your access system. Tap it again to assign the transponder to a particular cylinder, for example to your front door or flexible office. This function is available for both Android ≥ 4.4 and iOS ≥ 9 smartphones.


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