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The solution for secure and flexible access control

With the DOM Tapkey cloud-based platform, you can easily and securely manage access to your home, buildings, and spaces from wherever you are. DOM Tapkey is designed to transform the way you secure your doors and grant access.

With DOM Tapkey, you can remotely manage your electronic access control products via your Android or iOS smartphone, allowing you to open and close doors, furniture, gates, and fences, issue, modify, and block access rights.

You can also monitor all activities from your computer (web portal), tablet, or smartphone through the Tapkey App. Watch the video addressing the top five frequently asked questions about DOM Tapkey, such as "How much does it cost?" and "How does it work?".

Benefits DOM Tapkey 

    Grant access to only authorized users via a tag or smartphone. In case of tag/smartphone loss, you can easily block access rights remotely using the Tapkey App/Webportal (from afar with your smartphone).
    Control the Tapkey app with your Android, iOS smartphone, or tag, and effortlessly program access rights and schedules.
    Track who, where, and when access was granted. Program (temporary) access for tasks such as cleaning services or tenants.
    Easily install the DOM Tapkey cylinder, door fittings, padlock, or furniture lock yourself, download the app, and pair them together. Ensure ultimate security in three simple steps.
    A trusted level of high-quality mechanical security in our digital cylinders and door fittings.
    A wide range (13 variants) of digital access control products for almost any door situation. From electronic cylinders to door fittings for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easily operate and manage DOM Tapkey with your smartphone

The Tapkey app is user-friendly and compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The app activates the DOM Tapkey product via NFC (Near Field Communication) or BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology on your smartphone. The administrator can create and manage virtual keys for other users using a highly secure Tapkey account in the DOM Tapkey App. In the video, Melvin explains how to operate the DOM Tapkey electronic cylinder using both smartphones.

Multi-Tenant functionality

The DOM Tapkey Multi-Tenant feature provides an advanced solution for managing tenants separately within one building. With this functionality, building owners and managers can easily and efficiently assign and manage access rights for different tenants, allowing each tenant to manage their own space. This simplifies and secures access management to shared spaces such as apartment complexes, offices, or co-working spaces seamlessly.

For more information, check out the news article about the Multi-Tenant feature.

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Smart Acces in 3 steps

The DOM Tapkey platform is easy to install and use, providing a high level of flexibility and scalability. It is suitable for homes, small businesses, medium-sized organizations, and everything in between. You can easily expand the number of users and doors as your organization grows. The plug & play system allows you to upgrade your door, gate, or furniture to smart security with DOM Tapkey in just 3 steps. Install your DOM Tapkey product, download the Tapkey App from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, and connect the product to the app. Your smart security is ready for use.

Program tags with your smartphone using the Tapkey app

Programming tags with the Tapkey app is easier than ever. Simply hold the tag against the back of your IOS or Android smartphone. Within seconds, your tag is registered in your access system. Then assign the tag to a DOM Tapkey product, such as the DOM Tapkey Pro cylinder on your front door or (flex) office. This feature is available for smartphones running Android ≥ 4.4 and iOS ≥ 9. In addition to programming tags, you can also program a sticker tag or a wristband.


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