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Manage your access control system with your smartphone

ENiQ® App, the Android access control app for your building security

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Manage and programme your business security anytime, anywhere

As an entrepreneur, you face many challenges, such as securing your building, protecting your valuable assets and limiting liability and risk. A common challenge is managing and programming the access control system and the key issuance of your employees and users.

The ENiQ® App was developed for business owners and facility managers who want to simplify access management for their offices. This handy app allows you to program and manage your electronic access system from your smartphone. Change your traditional mechanical keys into tags (digital keys). The ENiQ® App allows you to: 

  • Assign and revoke access rights
  • Manage a weekly schedule for your employees
  • Manage your access control system without expensive software

    All this from just one application.


  • Create an access system with tags

    As an extension of the basic package, the ENiQ® App offers the possibility to use your existing (non DOM) Mifare transponder (drop key) in the ENiQ® App. So you don't have to provide all your employees with a new digital ke

    As an extension of the basic package, the ENiQ® App offers the possibility to use your existing (non DOM) Mifare transponder (digital keys) in the ENiQ® App. So you don't have to provide all your employees with a new digital key.

    • adding new digital device by holding the ENiQ App near the device
      Step 1: Add new digital locking device(s) by just moving the smartphone closer to the device.
    • adding new transponder to the app by tapping the transponder on the back of the phone
      Step 2: The app communicates with devices and transponders using BLE and NFC connection; therefore, adding a new transponder is as easy as placing the transponder at the back of the smartphone.
    • a smartphone showing how to add permission for a registered transponder to open a particular device
      Step 3: You can add permission to a certain transponder keeper to access a certain access point (door/locker/cabinet).
    • a transponder tapped to a digital furniture lock to open the locker
      Step 4: Unlock access to digital locking products with your tag.

    Download the brochure

    Would you like to know how to easily manage and program your digital locking system with the ENiQ® App? 

    Download the brochure for more information.

    ENiQ® App brochure

    Advantages of the ENiQ® App

    One single app, without expensive software

    The ENiQ® App is designed to give you full insight into the security of your building from your smartphone. You do not need to invest in expensive software and its implementation. In small systems (up to 5 locks) the app is even free. With our temporary promotion, you can also use a free license in larger systems (from 5 locks). The ENiQ® App can manage up to 100 doors and up to 500 tags (upgrading to a software application is always possible). To sign up for the ENiQ® App, all you need is a Google ID. All data are stored locally in the memory of your smartphone. Even if your business situation changes and you want to upgrade to something bigger, our system makes sure you experience a smooth transition.

    a hand holding a smartphone with ENiQ App main screen interface in front of a small conference room
    one single app

    Gain full insight of calamities

    There are times when you want to have a complete overview of what is happening in your premises, for example when there has been a burglary. With the ENiQ® App's usage history you can see who, where and when has been in which room during a certain period of time. 

    Vrouw kijkt op smartphone in kantoorruimte
    lock usage history

    Compatible with all ENiQ® locks


    The ENiQ® App is the perfect compatible organisational tool to work with the mostly unconnected ENiQ® digital locking products. For example, the digital furniture lock ENiQ® LoQ, the digital door handle ENiQ® Guard or the digital cylinder ENiQ® Pro. You can add and manage these digital locks from a single smartphone application. The devices require no or only minor door adjustments and are plug & play.

    digital furniture lock, digital cylinder, digital door handle and transponder in one picture
    compatible for eniq hardware

    Make daily and weekly schedules

    From the ENiQ® App you can create up to 15 individual weekly plans based on the work schedule of your employees. For example, you can create a schedule for external employees, such as cleaning staff, in your office. Set their transponders to a specific time and day, and they can grant themselves access to the building during that period. Outside the allotted period, they are not granted access.

    a hand holding a smartphone with ENiQ App weekly schedule interface in front of a small conference room
    create schedules

    Two programming methods in one app

    The ENiQ® App has two types of programming methods: Data on Device and Data on Card. In the Data on Card programming method, access authorisations are stored in registered tags. This programming model is perfect if you have many access points but a small number of tags.

    Data on Device, on the other hand, means that the authorisation is stored in the memory of the devices. If you want to change the access rights, you just have to go to each door and change them. This programming model is perfect if you have few access points and use many drop keys. Contact us or download the brochure if you want to know more about the difference between these two methods!

    a hand holding a smartphone with ENiQ App programming method interface in front of a small conference room
    own programming

    Special Access and Back-ups


    Not only can you set the schedules for each registered transponder; you can also set access doors "Permanently Open" from the ENiQ® App. This means that users without transponders have access to the main areas of your building. You can also set up temporary transponders for your business guests. This way, your guests can only enter certain areas during their visit to your office.

    If you lose your smartphone containing the ENiQ® App, it is possible to restore a backup on a new phone. The ENiQ® App is equipped with a versatile backup function that allows you to store the backup on e.g. a PC, laptop or in the Cloud. You can easily block the smartphone from unauthorised use with the ENiQ® App by deleting/blocking the lost device with your Google ID from your new Android smartphone or PC.

    a man looking at his smartphone in a cafe while smiling
    special access and back-up

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