The smart furniture lock, fully integrated into the 
ENiQ® access control system

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The smart furniture lock for lockers and cupboards

DOM ENiQ® LoQ is a smart furniture lock with all the advantages of digital access control. The smart furniture lock is ideally suited for lockers with valuable belongings, and cabinets such as filing cabinets, medicine cabinets, pantries, kitchen and tool drawers. All small objects can be secured with this smart furniture lock. The ENiQ® LoQ can be fully integrated into the ENiQ® access control system and combined with digital door fittings, cylinders and wall readers from ENiQ®. The locker system is easily managed via the ENiQ® App or ENiQ® software (online, offline and data on card). With one single key/tag you have access to all your assigned ENiQ® devices. In short, with this smart furniture lock, no more big bunch of keys!
Smart furniture lock DOM ENiQ® LoQ
Digital furniture lock ENiQ® LoQ

Benefits DOM ENiQ® LoQ

    ENiQ® LoQ is powered by standard AAA (Lithium) batteries, which are easy to obtain and replace. 
    ENiQ® LoQ fits perfectly on any locker, regardless of the material.


    Suitable for a wide range of applications from front doors to mailboxes, all operated with the same key. 
    Suitable for a wide range of applications from front doors to mailboxes, all operated with the same key.
    The ENiQ® app/software allows you to view user history and easily create and block access rights

    ENiQ® LoQ is easy to install, both horizontally and vertically, with a 1-point locking mechanism by means of a lever.


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    Resistant to the most common  burglary methods, such as knocking  and other manipulation techniques.
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    Resistant to the most common  burglary methods, such as knocking  and other manipulation techniques.
    ENiQ® LoQ is equipped with intuitive instructions, such as sound and LED lighting, which make it very easy to use and configure. 

    ENiQ® LoQ is easy to integrate into the ENiQ® access control system. Effortlessly manage all your devices in one powerful app or with the ENiQ® software.

Large key rings are history with tags

The ENiQ® LoQ is easy to operate with a drop key/tag. On this RFID tag you can assign different access rights to specific users. For example, you can assign a part-time employee rights for specific work days and only give him access to the digital locks he should have. With one drop key/tag you can open all assigned devices in the ENiQ® access control system. For example, the employee can use the same tag to open the front door, his locker and, for example, his medicine cabinet. With this smart furniture lock, large key bunches and complicated key management are a thing of the past.

See how to open multiple access points with one tag, watch the ENiQ® video

Locker openen met transponder op slim meubelslot
Access rights on tag

"The strength of the product is that it can be adapted as required. This is important for us because we have three types of staff with different access rights. The flexibility of the system makes it possible to set up such complex locking plans in a very user-friendly way. If you come in as an employee and you have a single tag that allows you to go in and out, that's just great!''


Jill Wolters, health care organisation Syndion

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Antibacterial Sanpure® coating furniture lock

ENiQ® LoQ is now also available with an antibacterial coating on the button. An antibacterial coating based on nanosilver. Research has shown that silver ions prevent the spread of fungi and bacteria. When a coated surface comes into contact with moisture and human skin, the slow and steady release of silver ions reacts with the bacteria's DNA, killing the bacteria/fungus. 
Openen locker slim meubelslot met antibacteriële coating
Antibacterial coating ENiQ® LoQ

ENiQ® access control system compatibility

ENiQ® toegangscontrole arrangement
Compatible with all ENiQ® access devices
The ENiQ® LoQ is fully integrated into the ENiQ® access control system. The unwired locker lock can be combined in a digital locking system together with :

  • the ENiQ® Guard digital door fitting
  • the ENiQ® AccessManager digital wall terminal
  • the ENiQ® Pro digital cylinder
    You can add and manage these digital locks from a single smartphone application or with the ENiQ® software. The devices require no or only minor door adjustments and are fully plug-and-play.
  • Download DOM ENiQ LoQ Brochure

    Brochure ENiQ LoQ
    Brochure ENiQ® LoQ

    Find out more about the application of the ENiQ LoQ in your organisation. The standard and multi-user mode of the smart furniture lock. The advantages of mixing a mechanical with a digital locking system and the different colours and buttons.

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    Store valuables safely and smartly

    • ENiQ LoQ on medicine cabinet
      Secure medicine cabinets and vaccine refrigerators with ENiQ® LoQ and gain more insights into who accessed the cabinet and when.
    • ENiQ LoQ lockers
      Secure your staff's valuable property by fitting personal lockers with ENiQ® LoQ.
    • tool wagon with eniq loq
      Secure valuable kitchen and tool cabinetry with ENiQ® LoQ.


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