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DECO Program

Why join the DECO Program

Stand out is essential, today more than ever, and you need a partner who will provide practical solutions. For this reason we have created the DECO Program for you. With our marketing materials, you can create a dedicated area for your selected DOM, TITAN or CR Serrature products. Use this opportunity to create an attractive display based on our products with all the technical and descriptive information your customers need. Our materials are equally suitable for use within stores (product samples, totems, display stands, posters and brochures) as well as outdoors (outdoor advertising).

Pictures and measures
The first step is that which allows us to design a tailored solution for you through the pictures and measures of your store. 

Project and confirmation
Then, our specialists will devote themselves to the design of the staging and will present you the proposal.

Realisation and posing
Finally, we will implement the approved solution and set up your store.