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Since hundreds of years ago, locksmiths played an important role in keeping their clients’ homes safe and secure. Locksmith is a profession that evolves with time. From its’ old days of forging metal keys, modern locksmiths have evolved to a highly-skilled profession that includes modern technology and complicated locking techniques.

As a security company, we are committed to support locksmiths with high-quality products, after sales service, locksmiths training, and your marketing needs. We understand your importance to keep up-to-date of the latest technology in security and locking, therefore we offer you complete support as your partner.

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We at DOM Security, focus on the locksmiths wishes and expectations in helping them to improve their business and provide innovative solutions. We are investing in new technologies and product lines and we will also be introducing new service solutions which will offer significant advantages to our partners, recognising them as the professionals on the market.

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DOM XL Software

Our DOM XL Master Key Software has been custom built by us to support our dealers. The main objective of this tool is to make it easier for you to build, order, maintain and understand your master key requirements. Easily plan every project, add unique references and note the exact size and type of material required. To make it as convenient as possible, it works inside Microsoft Excel.   

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