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Security needs to be planned!

Any organisation, big or small, needs the feeling that they are secured from top to bottom. Regardless of the size of the company, a clear and concise key plan is essential, allowing people to know which rooms they have access to. With this argument, having a master key system is a great investment for your business in the long run. It is the essence of modern mechanical access control for it offers nothing but plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Helps to maintain control of who can access which room,
  • Convenience (no need to carry a lot of keys), and
  • Emergency reasons, in case you need to open all rooms without having to have the right key.

Benefits of master key system for you

Benefits for Architects


    From the beginning of your project, you can start planning the locking scheme for the building. When the construction is complete, the client does not have to set up a master key system anymore.
    With the master key system, you can have a construction key, which is the key you use during the building and development stage of the building. Once the project is done and the building owner inserts their key, your configuration will be obsolete.

Benefits for Facility Managers


    Master key system allows facility managers to have complete control on which staff members have access to which space. Without a master key system, it can be difficult to track keys, especially when they are lost. With a master key system, managers can have individual lock rekeyed instead of changing all keys.
    If you have a business with varying levels of hierarchal access, the master key system is your best friend. You can grant complete access to upper-level management members and limit access to lower-level employees, allowing them to only enter areas that are relevant to their job.

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Why choose master key system by DOM?

Wide range of products

All kinds of cylinders from DOM can be made into a Masterkey System. No matter what key profile or brand you have, whether they are keys by DOM, MCM, or Titan, patented or non-patented keys, open-profile or authorised profile, you can always make a locking plan out of them. Moreover, our cylinders have an assortment of finishes, including the newest two finishes: black matte and black satin (only for DOM cylinders).

Wide range of certifications

All DOM keys and cylinders have passed most major security certifications such as VDS, SKG, and EN 1303 making your feel more secure than before.

Best of both worlds

Not only can you create a masterkey system for your mechanical keys; with the DOM ClipTag, you can also integrate a masterkey plan for your transponders. The digital locking system can also have a masterkey plan, even organised a lot easier!

2-in-1 Function (only for DOM ix Twinstar)

The DOM ix Twinstar reversible key offers an extra function called the 2-in-1 function. It means that you can change the locks in your Master Key System without actually changing the lock at all. With a 2-in-1 function, every cylinder has a built-in fallback configuration and comes with a secondary set of keys. When your Master Key System has been compromised, easily insert the secondary key and the primary key will be obsolete. What you need to do is to insert the secondary key to all the cylinders in the building and order a new set of masterkey based on the secondary key.

The 2-in-1 function also works in a way called Construction Key. This setting is perfect for buildings in the construction stage. During construction, workers use a set of keys to lock and unlock the doors. Once the building is done, the new owner only needs to unlock the door with a secondary key and the masterkey plan for the secondary key will automatically work.

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