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Building owners or facility managers are the backbone of an office building. They need to know everything going around in the building, from being the contact person for services, managing refurbishments, renovations, and office moves, to complicated tasks such as managing the office systems, which can often include the IT, office equipment, and office security.

As a facility manager, you need a company that understands your role in keeping the office building safe. With our experience, we are equipped to give you comprehensive advice to help you make the right decisions. Are you sticking to mechanical solutions, or are you curious about how our digital solutions can help you? Our sales representatives are only one call away.

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Within large organisations, clear and well-defined structures are essential. With our security systems, you can set a master key plan for your organisation. For example, on the top level of the system, head of departments and managers may require unrestricted access to all areas of the building. On the middle levels, management and small teams require access to only their certain areas. On the bottom level employees will need access to their particular office or working area. 

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EniQ laptop and phone

Tailor-made digital solutions

Why choose a digital security system? It ensures better control, real-time insights in your organisation, as well as giving you the flexibility to add or remove user authorisations.

DOM ENiQ Security Ecosystem is the way to go if you are looking for a tailor-made digital solution to your organisation which allows you to control everything digitally through your smartphone, laptop, or Data on Card technology.

DOM ENiQ Security Ecosystem

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