Anti-microbial Products News Update

9 September 2020

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Group News

Paris, September 2020

In June 2020, DOM Security launched the news of releasing a line-up of anti-microbial products for Guard, Pro, and anti-microbial panic bars by Antipanic. In this press release update, read more about the continuation of this ambitious project.

Overall, the SAP process for the anti-microbial products is finished. The anti-microbial coating by GBneuhaus (trade name: Sanpure) has arrived at DOM Germany in late August. The anti-microbial handles for Guard, as well as the outer knob for Pro, are currently in stock. The test for the inner knob of Pro is currently running and the producer is sure that the inner knobs will be available for delivery by the first weeks of September. More details about the delivery dates for inner knob Pro products will be released as soon as possible, however, interesting clients can start placing their orders now.

Meanwhile, Antipanic as the main producer of panic bars is still in talks with Inver as the primary supplier for silver ion paint for panic bars. Currently, the plan is to start production sometime in November this year.

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