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Tailored Solutions

From imagination to innovation

Developing solutions for you

Our research and development team based across Europe collaborate to define intelligent solutions for our customers. Our know-how in mechanical, electronic and mechatronic locking systems and software development puts us at the forefront for innovation. The Industry Business Unit's mission us to define strategic direction with our customer and to offer a product range in line with new technology and market development.

A team with product managers dedicated to the Industry Business Unit for the RONIS and DOM works with our sales and R&D teams to define future product direction with our customers.

That is what we do

Here at DOM Security we work closely with you to design and develop new locking solutions that meet the innovative requirements you are looking for.


It all starts with a visit to your location. Here we listen and take notes. We discuss the designs and goals of your products, your production process and any other requirements you may have to seamlessly integrate our solution into your product.


Back at DOM, we put together a dedicated team of experts to work on your project including R&D  from Germany, Moulding experts from France and designers from the UK. Whoever suits the project best. We explore mechanical, electronic, mechatronic and even software to deliver you the best solution.


Once we are happy and we have left no stone unturned, we'll come back to you to present our ideas. First, we listened to your requirements, now we'll deliver. Together we'll decide the best solution and this will hopefully be the start of a fruitful partnership.


After approval, we'll begin creating a prototype and testing them with your products. Together we can make some last minute adjustments to perfect the design.


Now we are ready to start production and adapt and integrate our processes into yours. We are not in this for our own success, we are in it for yours.