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Locking systems for industries

We help you to build, develop, progress and enchance your products from a security point of view

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Industrial locks 'Made in EU'

We design and manufacture smart security solutions dedicated to industrial markets, using new technologies that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Our company has existed more than 100 years, specializing in mechanical and digital locking solutions for industrial applications. Since then, we have acquired several different locking solution companies in 21 locations in Europe, we bring our presence closer to your market. With our ‘Made in EU’ products, we are always close to our customers, which also means that reduce our carbon footprint on each and every delivery.

The reliable technologies of our locks

We build your customised locking system in just 4 steps

With our years of experience R&D department, we are able to create a customised locking solution to secure your product, made only for your security needs.

two men brief to create a new locking system

Briefing and first agreement

It starts from the moment where we visit your site and we listen to your objective from the product, your production process, and other required points to seamlessly integrate our product with yours.

Interlocking systems

RONIS Trapped Key Interlocking Systems are developed to support the protection of personnel using high voltage equipment and to prevent damage to equipment due to incorrect operations. The principle is to take into consideration all safety issues, surrounding the protection of life. Follow a step by step protocol that consideration a safe shutdown procedure.

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How we manufacture our industrial locks

Tooling department

To offer the best level of quality to our customers, we handle the complete production process of our parts, including the tooling for zamak die casting.

Steel stamping

Stamping is the process of placing flat steel tape in either blank or coil form into a stamping press.

Zamak casting

Zamak 5 is part of zinc aluminium alloy family. Its good hardness, corrosive resistance, excellent flowability under pressure and dimensional stability made a perfect material for our customers for a competitive cost.

Surface treatment

Thanks to an electroplating process, your products get a nice appearance and a strong resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Assembly and key cutting

As a compete integrated manufacturer, we handle the complete assembly of our products from the key cutting to the barrel assembly and finally with the end assembly.

Warehouse management

This is where we stock all the components, every products is assembled on demand except if we signed a contract to get finished products in stocks. We have more than 20.000 references of finished products.


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