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Replacing the lock on your doors

DIY guide to replacing your door lock

Are you thinking about changing your locks? We understand what you say, but changing your cylinder is the correct term for your need.

Many people think that changing cylinder is a hard thing to do and requires professional help. Newsflash: You can change your cylinder on your door by yourself! All you need to do is a cylinder measurement tool and a new cylinder. Read on through this article to find out how to change your cylinder for your door.

Why do you want to change your cylinders?

There are many reasons why people change their door cylinders, from old door cylinder to having a break-in. All reasons are valid, let's take a look at some possibilities on why you decide to change your cylinder.

Cylinder too old

Most locksmiths agree that the average age of a door cylinder ranges from six to seven years. Most brands even market their cylinder by saying that it lasts up to 40 years. If your cylinder starts to get rusty, or your key gets stuck in the keyhole, it is a sure sign that you need to change your door cylinder. You might try to lubricate your keyhole with a spray cleaner for an easy fix, but if your key keeps getting stuck, you might need to change your cylinder.

Just had a break-in

Experiencing a burglary is one of the worst things ever happens to someone. The security of your house has been compromised. Who knows if the burglar has successfully made a second copy of your house key and plan to break into your house for the second time? People will most likely search for a new cylinder and a new set of keys after experiencing a break-in.

New house

Congratulations for the new house purchase! After buying a new house, you would have the desire to customise the whole space to cater to your needs and interior style, starting from painting the walls, changing the blinds, and changing the door cylinder to avoid old tenants or strangers from entering your new property.

Lose track of keys

The bigger the house, the more rooms it usually has, the more doors and more keys you might have. People usually change cylinders with key techniques such as keyed alike locks to avoid having too many keys which end up losing too many keys. Interested in the keyed alike system? Read more in this article to find out about this method.

How to replace your cylinder?

After reviewing the reasons why you want to replace your cylinder, it's time to the real deal: replacing it! But how? You might want to pick up the phone and call a locksmith right away. But hold the phone! Chances are, you are reading this article because you want to learn to change your cylinder by yourself. Follow the steps below and replace your cylinder in no time.

Measure your cylinder

Check out how to measure your cylinder on this video.

Figure out your cylinder number

After you measure your cylinder number, you will find out the diameter of the interior and exterior length of your cylinder. For example, your cylinder has an interior length of 35 mm and an exterior length of 55 mm. It means you need a new cylinder with 35/55 size and in 90 mm length.

Buy the cylinder

You have measured your cylinder and based on the measurement, you now have your cylinder size. The next step is to purchase the new cylinder. You can buy new cylinders with appropriate keys from trusted locksmiths or online security shops. Here are some terms to think about upon buying a new cylinder:

  • Digital/mechanical
  • Digital cylinder means you change your traditional keys with digital keys. This can mean a PIN-code, an RFID lock, or making your smartphone as the lock. A mechanical cylinder means a manual cylinder which needs a key to be operated.

  • Knob
  • A knob cylinder means that it has one cylinder on one side and a knob on the other side. People use knob cylinders mostly for front doors with the key facing the front side and the knob facing the inner side.

  • One-sided or double-sided
  • One-sided cylinder means a cylinder with only one keyhole. Think of a cylinder for storage room. Meanwhile, double-sided cylinder means that both ends of the cylinder have keyholes.

  • Cylinder with panic function.
  • If you put this kind of cylinder on a door, you can open the door even if the key is still latched on the keyhole.

  • More than one-solution cylinders
  • Do you have a lot of rooms and you would like to have only one key to secure them all? Keyed alike is the key (pun intended)! With this system, you can create your customised locking plan, so you can access different doors with only one key.

In conclusion, changing the cylinder to your door is something that you can do yourself. You can save a lot of money by keeping the matter on to your own hands and not calling the locksmith to change them.

Do you know that you can have one key for all the doors in your house? Check on this link to know more about keyed alike system for homes.

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