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DOM Diamant euro cylinder

High security cylinder made of steel with 3D key

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Next-level high-quality key

DOM Diamant is a three-dimensional key that is made with a unique technology called eco-design production, resulting in a high-performance key and cylinder without compromising the earth and the people. Every component is designed compliant to the current security standard, producing a special mechanical cylinder and key that is adaptable to every need.

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What is eco-design?

Company standardisations to implement environmentally-friendly practice encourage us to rethink our production method. Hence, we introduce and implement "Eco-design" production technique to the company. "Eco-design" is an approach that emphasises the importance of using reusable and environmentally-friendly materials during the production cycle, resulting in products that are not only eco-friendly but also safe for the planet and the people. Moreover, eco-design production method also helps the factory to create products and spare parts that last longer in the market.

Benefits of DOM Diamant euro cylinder

    DOM Diamant's 3D-shaped key and copy-protection technology ensure your keys' security against unauthorised copying. 
    DOM Diamant cylinder is equipped with 21 discs of stainless steel with no springs and pins. This feature prevents common lockpicking techniques such as key-bumping, drilling, and picking.
    The high-quality stainless steel, the main material of DOM Diamant key and cylinder, contributes to this product's longevity and resistance towards weather changes.

    DOM Diamant is a key and cylinder with a modular design. This advantage makes this product adaptable to every need and every door material.
    The key and cylinder have been tested and certified with SKG *** and DIN EN 1303 certification.

    DOM Diamant key design is unique and the technology inside the cylinder is not comparable to that used in traditional locking systems.

10 year warranty

Extend the warranty of your new DOM Diamant by registering the product within 1 month of purchase.

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Details that make the difference

Find out why DOM Diamant cylinder is different from the others.

  • 1. Unique cylinder body made from high quality stainless steel

  • 2. Disc system - protected against opening with picking/bumping methods

  • 3. Protection against drilling of cylinder body and disc
  • 4. Modular system

  • 5. Key head design for best handling

  • 6. Key blade length adjusted to match all standard security fittings
  • 7. Complex coding in the key using famous high ridge technology

  • 8. Key-copying only on special equipment, located in the factory

  • 9. New key, made from one piece of high-quality stainless steel

Available colors

DOM Diamant cylinder with velour black chrome finish

17 Velour black chrome

DOM Diamant cylinder with matt black chrome finish

27 Matt black chrome

DOM Diamant cylinder with bright chrome finish

04 Bright chrome

DOM Diamant cylinder with dark oxidised antique finish

09 Dark oxidised antique

DOM Diamant cylinder with dull nickel finish

01 Dull nickel

DOM Diamant cylinder with gold plate finish

25 Gold plate

DOM Diamant cylinder with light oxidised bronze finish

07 Light oxidised bronze

DOM Diamant cylinder with matte chrome finish

03 Matte chrome

DOM Diamant cylinder with polished brass finish

06 Polished brass

DOM Diamant cylinder with satin brass finish

05 Satin brass

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