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DOM Tapkey® Family

The future of security is already in your hands

Your smartphone is the key

DOM Tapkey® is a revolutionary way to lock and unlock the doors to your home or office. Simply tap your smartphone against the digital cylinder lock and you’re in.

Our digital locking system allows you to manage the access and thereby the security of your home or office with the easy-to-use Tapkey app. You can add or remove users (smartphones and transponders) on your smartphone whenever you want. Whether you’re at work, at a meeting or anywhere else for that matter. Discover an innovative plug-and-play solution for all your security needs. With DOM Tapkey®, you’re in control every step of the way.

DOM Tapkey® is more than just a digital door opener: it’s also a smart management tool that allows you to remotely program electronic keys, send authorisations to other users, share access and receive event notifications.

NFC Compatible
Bluetooth compatible
Thanks to the high encryption standards between your locking medium and the locking device, intruders have almost no chance if they try to hack your system. The technologies with their reliable, low battery consumption, in combination with the high-quality locking devices from DOM ensure convenient, long-term use for you. The DOM Tapkey Easy Mobile Access solution offers you not only quick distribution of access authorisations but also "Offline" use of the authorisations. The distributed access authorisations remain in the smartphone for a period of 7 days without Internet connection (e.g. E, 3G, 4G, LTE or WLAN).

Advantages of using the Tapkey App

  • Virtual, personal keyring
  • Simple and safe download
  • Use of the highly secure Google ID or Tapkey ID
  • Use the same ID on several Smartphones and Tablets simultaneously
  • Mobile access authorisations lose their validity after a defined time without update
  • High security for your online data with the use of the most modern servers in the EU
  • Display all events within the last 12 month
  • If your device is damaged or stolen, simply deactivate the device or the ID via Google or your Tapkey account
  • The Tapkey App can be used on both Android ≥ 4.4 and iOS ≥ 9.0 devices

Installation in 3 easy steps

Install our DOM Tapkey® digital cylinder
Download the app
Program your DOM Tapkey® cylinder

It only takes 2 minutes

The Tapkey application is easy to use. It activates the DOM Tapkey® electronic cylinder using your smartphone. The administrator can deliver virtual keys to other users using a highly secure Tapkey account or a Google ID.

Download the app

The Tapkey application is compatible with Android and Apple smartphones. DOM Tapkey® electronic cylinders work with smartphones equipped with both NFC and Bluetooth technologies.


Do you want to know which smartphones are compatible?

The Tapkey App and the digital DOM Tapkey® devices only work with smartphones that have a compatible NFC or Bluetooth® Low Energy interface. Find out if your phone has already been tested with our devices:

Check if your phone is compatible

Do you want to know more about DOM Tapkey®?

Download our documentation and visit the certification websites.


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