DOM ix TwinStar

The key has evolved

The many benefits

Our most intelligent Mechanical Security System

It may look like a regular key, but your DOM ix TwinStar is the pinnacle of evolution of DOM keys. Every technology, innovation and patent for mechanical security ever developed by our engineers has led to this unique reversible key. It has our most intricate copy protection technologies incorporated into the key blade, and more pins for more layers of security and possible combinations.

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Recodable system

This unique feature allows you to change the locks in your system, without actually physically changing any lock! With two-in-one, every cylinder has a fallback configuration built in, and comes with a secondary set of keys. When you suspect your security has been compromised, simply insert a key from the secondary set, and the primary set instantly becomes obsolete. No need to go around the entire building to change locks!


    Suitable for a wide range of applications from front doors to mailboxes, all operated with the same key.
    Optional modular technology with hardened steel for better protection against violent “breaking” and ''core pulling'' of the cylinder.
    Durable and wear-resistant key made of nickel silver.
    Resistant to the most common burglary methods, such as knocking and other manipulation techniques.
    Matched to all common security fittings with anti-core pulling function.
    Easy and convenient key entry. Suitable for complex masterkey systems for large buildings.

Certified and qualified

CE Fire resistant

DIN EN 1303

Extra-strength burglar resistance

Freewheel cylinder for gear locks


Inspected. Approved. Safe.

These are some of the variants of DOM ix TwinStar

DOM ixTwinStar Double Cylinder with Key

Double cylinder

DOM ixTwinStar Half Cylinder

Half cylinder

DOM ixTwinStar Cam Lock

Cam lock

DOM ixTwinStar Padlock




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