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DOM ix TwinStar®

The key has evolved

Two discs, double security

The new patented mechanical cylinder DOM ix TwinStar® is particularly well protected against unauthorised copying thanks to the float-mounted double roller in the key. Thanks to a complex system of query elements DOM ix TwinStar®  is especially suitable for private homes with high security standards. No matter whether you are opting for a registered individual lock, the 2-in-1 version or a master key system, with DOM ix TwinStar® you can always feel secure.

Advantages of DOM ix TwinStar®

  • Key including patent protected moving double roller
  • Very high technical key copy protection
  • Robust, durable key from strong material
  • Lenght of key blade matched to all standard security fittings
  • High manipulation protection
  • High protection against drilling
  • VdS BZ+, SKG *** Certification
  • 2-in-1 recoding also possible in locking systems
  • Available in special versions with high levels of security for private residences

I lost my keys, what now?

That’s not a problem with DOM ix TwinStar®. The convenient “2-in-1” version for registered individual locks and locking systems makes it possible to deactivate the first set of keys by recoding the cylinder if a key gets lost. You can do this yourself just by using a key of the second set. Simply put the key in every cylinder and turn it once completely, this will recode the lock. Easy as 1-2-3!

A secure home office

DOM ix TwinStar® is also a secure locking system for your home office. You can use the same key for your home and office, but you can also choose a General Master Key System (GMKS). This will give you the control to authorize employees which different doors they can unlock. E.g. your cleaning personnel only has access to the main areas, but not to your private rooms.

Locking systems for large companies

DOM ix TwinStar® is a good fit for large and complex organizations, because it provides  clear and well defined structures. Each lock can have its individual keys. Your customer can organize groups of locks operable by the same key and is in control of the authorization options. The user with the master key can of course unlock the entire system.

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