Mechanical and digital key

DOM Cliptag - Two locking systems in one medium

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Two locking systems, one key

The DOM Cliptag is perfect as a mixture of mechanical and digital locking system. It is not your ordinary key, as it merges your the mechanical and digital key. Open the Cliptag and insert the matching DOM key, as simple as that. As with any ENiQ product, the Cliptag is integrated into your ENiQ Security System, making it an excellent addition to complete the circle.

Benefits of DOM Cliptag transponder

    Express your individuality or complement your company colours with six different Cliptag colours.
    Cliptag is compatible with both DOM conventional key system (RS series) and DOM reversible key system (IX series).
    The design of Cliptag allows you to save space on your key holder.

    The Cliptag is available with the following technology: Mifare Desire EV2, Mifare Classic, Hitag S, Hitag 1, Hitag 2, and EM4200.
    No matter what kind of upgrades in your access system, you can always use Cliptag whenever your requirements change.

    The Cliptag is super easy to assemble and maintain. It's visual is intuitive and lets you know directly if your access is granted.

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Express your individuality

Cliptag is available in six colours, so you can express yourself in different styles or match it with your company colour scheme.

Best of both worlds

Cliptag is the only security solution that dares to manage both mechanical and digital locks into one. Equipped with the highest standard transponder technology, it is operable with no battery, relying on the connection between the transponder and the receiver.

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