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Security locks for armored and wooden doors

The many benefits

The true nature of your safety

CR Serrature is one of the most prestigious brands in the field of safety for environments. With our history, started in 1955, we have followed the evolution of security through generations of families who have chosen our locks to protect their home. Constant quality, a professional approach and innovation have allowed to maintain a prominent position with leading experts in the sector.

All solutions you need to protect your home

Locks for Armored Doors

The quality of materials, new technologies, design, tradition. All that is needed to make the most lived, loved and inhabited place safe and unassailable: your home. Our range of security locks for armored doors is as wide as your needs and satisfying them is our mission for 75 years.

Locks for Wooden Doors

For us, protecting is an attitude. We guarantee it every day because we are aware of how important the home is to each of us. Our range of security locks for wooden doors is the result of our experience and the desire to enhance the beauty of your door.


    CR locks are designed with cutting-edge technologies that prevent tampering.

    The high quality of the materials used is synonymous with strength and long-lasting.
    Installing a CR lock, you protect who you love and respect the environment.

    Suitable for any security need and type of door, from the armored front door or in wood, to the service door..
    Do you need to replace the lock of your door? CR locks are interchangeable with the most common models on the market.

    The new line of gear locks works perfectly with the digital cylinders for opening via smartphone.

Types of locks

Gear lock for euro profile cylinder

The gear lock for euro profile cylinder is softer and quieter, perfect to be combined with a digital cylinder. The gear lock is equipped with a special internal mechanism that protects your door even in the event of cylinder breakage. This type of lock is available both for armored door and wooden door version.

Lock for euro profile cylinder

The CR lock for euro profile cylinder exists in two version: standard and Clever. The Clever version is equipped with an anti-burglar device that prevents the door from being opened in case of breakage or pulling out of the cylinder. Locks for euro profile cylinder can be installed on an armored door or on a wooden door.

Double bitted key lock

Also for this type of locks, CR has developed two versions: the standard version and the MRX version. The MRX system integrates a magnet and a spherical element in the key which is read and decoded by the lock. The MRX double bitted key lock guarantees maximum protection against unauthorized copying of the key. In addition, the Plus device, also present in the standard version, represents a real anti-intrusion barrier. CR Double bitted key locks are available for armored doors and wooden doors.

Multifunction lock

The multi-function lock is characterized by a double lock, one upper and one lower, for the maximum level of protection of your armored door. According to your needs, you can choose between different variants such as two double bitted key system, the combination of double bitted key with a euro profile cylinder, or with a double euro profile cylinder.

Pump type lock with round cylinder

In addition to the classic pump locks, CR offers a pump type variant with a round cylinder. This latest version is safer and more convenient thanks to the reversible flat key protected against unauthorized copying. Pump locks and pump type locks are rim locks for wooden doors.

Best sellers locks

Gear lock for euro profile cylinder 2155

Lock for euro profile cylinder 7056

Double bitted key lock 7056MRX

Pump type lock with round cylinder 3250/T200

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