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The smart security solution

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Backed by heritage

The DOM Roq is created an developed by European security powerhouses, Somfy and DOM Security.

DoorSense® technology

Check door status through the DOM Roq app – wherever you are – and enjoy complete peace of mind.

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a man and a woman with their suitcases just entering a b&b closing the front door protected by the DOM Roq smart lock

Full access control

Quickly and easily manage guest access to your door, directly from your smartphone.

DOM Roq – your new smart lock

Safe, secure, protected

The DOM Roq is a smart lock that is easy to install and packed with features such as remote access, Bluetooth, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Smartphone as your key

Open your door with your smartphone, using a highly encrypted BLE or NFC connection.

Secured 24/7

Wherever you are, you’re in control, with 24/7 door status notifications and alerts sent directly to you.

Smart, secure, locked – meet the DOM Roq

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Safety for everyone
Manage easily

From security industry experts to your door

Developed with expert knowledge to provide you and your business with a tailored solution for your security needs. 

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Frequently asked questions 

When correctly installed and used, smart locks are just as – if not more – secure than traditional locks, and are much more versatile.

Choosing the right smart lock is perhaps the most important step. First, you should look for a smart lock that has all the features – such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi-enabled, biometric entry, and/or keypad entry. You must also ensure that the smart lock you choose is compatible with your door. For the DOM Roq, you can run our compatibility check.

Forget your smartphone? No problem. You can open a smart lock with a physical key, a transponder, or via keypad.

Due to their higher levels of encryption, smart locks are safer and more durable than electronic locks. As such, they are more suited to frequent – and long-term – use.

A smart lock that’s built to last

With easy to install software and hardware that work together to provide the highest levels of home and business security.

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