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Titan cylinders on the Hungarian market since 1973

If you did not meet with Titan cylinders yet we are recommending you to have a look on the best value for money cylinder of the market.

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Thanks to our joint efforts, we can successfully meet the needs of our Customers in the field of master key locks.

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János Golenyák MD, Fa Barkács Áruház

For many years we have an outstanding cooperation with DOM-Elzett, not only with locks, but with cylinders and master key systems as well. Together we served many local and regional Customers with masterkey systems.

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Krisztián Gyetkó, Webzár Kft.

With a support of DOM-Elzett Ltd. we are offering protected profile master key systems and can be flexible to serve regional needs. With a support of colleagues from DOM-Elzett recently we successfully installed a master key system for one prestigious high school.

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Tamás Hambalkó MD, Hambalkó Zárszaküzlet – Baja

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Titan i6 service function even in master key systems

Owner or project leader and craftsmen are give-and-get the keys in the different status of the construction, until the owner moves into his/her new home. Contrsuction companies usually choose an entry level low cost - low security cylinder for this temporary period. As the value of built in materials are heavily increasing this choice is not necessary the best for the owner. Even bigger problem is that many times the owner simply forget to change the cylinder and continue to use the one which have keys at strangers. You can solve all this problems with our Titan i6 service cylinder!

Start to use a proper, high security i6 cylinder from day one. Copper made keys from pack #1 can be handed over to craftsmen. Your valuable materials, built in machines will be properly locked. When all the work is over, just open a second black plastic bag. Take one of you final (nickel) key out, rurn it once in the cylinder and all previously used key are locked out permanently. Not even necessary to collect them back. Up to 8 cylinders we can build a master key system for you, where the service key (copper) can be a master key. When you decide just close those out and your system will work. Only for you.

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At DOM, we only develop the highest quality security and access solutions. We have a wide range of products - from cylinders and locks to panic locks and access control systems. In order to be able to offer these solutions, we concentrate on three main fields of competence: hardware, software and mechatronics. In addition, we commit ourselves to a continuous development of our technologies. So we and our customers are always one step ahead of the competition.


With our DOM XL master key software, you can easily assemble and order your systems. DOM XL was specially developed by us to support our DOM dealers. Ordering and conversion are intuitive and many of the basic Excel features are still available.


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