full control with DOM

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What digital access control systems do we offer?

As a building owner, you are aware of the benefits of digital products and you want to modernise your mechanical access control system. You’re looking for a reliable, practical and optimised solution to control access to your building. We have several products to offer you.

Access control according to DOM

Access control is paramount but it can be complex: it has to take into account the flow of people, their use of the premises and their right of access. We provide secure and flexible turnkey solutions to suit your organisation. Whether by using software installed on your computer or an application on your phone, replacing your mechanical installation with an digital system is very easy. Simply change your cylinders and configure your accesses.

Electronics at your service

Reactive and innovative, we offer quality solutions with high-end products like the ENIQ EasyFlex Box cylinder. These easy-to-use digital locking solutions offer you modern and effective security. You can edit your access control system at any time and wherever you are. Installation is quick and user-friendly, allowing it to be carried out by the end customer. Our security systems are modular so they can keep up with developments in your system. Our attentive consultants will guide you according to your needs.