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Strengthen the security of your facility

Are responsible for the security of your building? Is it your job to ensure the safety of the employees? We offer several options to the level of security required and the flexibility needed to manage your access.

Security above all

We provide a range of high security products to guarantee optimum protection. Our cylinders are tested according to precise control points and fulfil requirements validated by patents, certifications and copyright. The keys supplied with our cylinders also benefit from maximum protection against fraudulent reproductions thanks to complex designs and a unique property card needed to request a new set of keys.

Sturdiness and Strength

Our product(s) are protected by various patents and certifications on both our mechanical and digitial locking solutions. This can include trademark protected keys, up to 8 pin cylinders, 3D key technology and our fully patented roller ball technology. Which with it's movable elements, ensures that key copying is impossible.

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