EasyFlex on an office building

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How can I control access to my building?

As a facility manager, you carry a lot of responsibility and want to find a suitable and reliable organisation. The structure of the facility and the flow of people will be studied to determine the best solution.

Optimised access control

Our team takes care of your request to provide a tailor-made solution for your organisation. If your facility is destined to evolve, we offer adaptable, mechanical or digital products to control your access. For example our range of digital products easily adapts to your organisational changes. Its operational flexibility allows you to assign or delete a user at any time.

Enter the digital age

A specific use for each model: our ENIQ EasyFlex Box and DOM Tapkey electronic cylinders are perfectly suited to facilities with up to 10 people. For existing facilities, the DOM Guardian electronic door handle reader - several variants available - can be integrated more easily. If you want to isolate and secure premises within your building, choose Easykey. Finally, access control for lockers is provided by the TRONIC range.