Customer Story: Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Hungary

16 April 2021

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Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is the oldest and largest university in Hungary and it is the most popular higher education institution among applicants each year. Established in 1635, this university is listed among the top 250 higher education institutions in Europe.

Currently, ELTE is comprised of 8 faculties. The university bids a broad set of academic specialty, offering around 100 academic programs for Bachelor's, Masters, PhD, as well as study programs for pre-masters and postgraduate level. Apart from being a top university among local students, it is also the home of more than 2000 international students from 80 countries worldwide.

For this project, DOM Elzett came to the picture from their distributor, Épkar Zrt. Épkar is not a foreign name to DOM Elzett, for they have collaborated in different successful projects such as the construction of Puskás Stadium in Budapest.

First experience with digital locking system

For ELTE, this is the first experience of them using a digital locking system. They choose to equip their building with ENiQ® Guard Compact. The distributor, Épkar Zrt, was the one who recommended this product to ELTE after hearing their pain points and their objectives in the future.

One problem that is solved by ENiQ® Guard is that the installation is easy. For ELTE, this is important, and they want to have a product that can be installed easily without any wiring. Moreover, ELTE needs a product that is not only user-friendly for the building manager, but also something that is expandable to other digital locking products. Luckily, ENiQ® Guard Compact ticks all of the requirements that ELTE needed.

The installation of the product took approximately three weeks, though talks with the university had started since September 2020. The programming for the products take a couple of days.