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What are DOMs innovation capabilities?

You're attentive to market trends and developments. You want to get a head start to stand out from the competition. You're looking for an innovative partner who can work with you to keep you competitive.

Our production force

DOM-Elzett and DOM Group production sites have a wide range of machines that make it possible to manufacture complex and precise parts. We invest constantly in automating our means of production, for all our product lines, in order to improve our productivity and our competitiveness.

A team dedicated to innovation

Our team anticipate and determine how products that are or will be offered to you will evolve. This requires work upstream, carried out in particular by product managers and the design office. We create innovative products that integrate easily into your production chain. Our priority is to offer you the best of innovation.

Tomorrow's technological solutions

Each of our innovations is developed for you and put at your service. Today, energy is one of our priorities. For many decades we have been focusing our developing new technological solutions dedicated to electrical equipment and sustainable energy. We have integrated our mechanical solutions into digital interlocking systems to offer you the most suitable solution. Contact us today to describe your project and we'll advise you on the best way to carry it out!

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