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We make all of our development according to market needs. Thanks to our well educated and experienced development engineers, tool production capacities and testlaboratory our products last long, our wide product portfolio meet with Hungarian and many other countries certification requests. Our products are known by easy use, quick setup and carefree years for the end users – thanks to the close cooperation with door manufacturers from the small up to the biggest capacities factories.

We offer the optimum solution for every door type

For our industrial partners, DOM Security Group provides complex solutions that not only respond to the evolution of the market, but also incorporate new technologies through our innovative solutions. Our product managers work closely with DOM Security Group factories and their development departments.

DOM Security takes into consideration lifecycle impacts in the development and design of our products, and we apply this approach to our selection of raw materials and suppliers. Whether it's the Premium HT Cam Lock manufactured by the German DOM factory or the DOM Ronis ZLF Anti-tilt system manufactured in France, the latest digital ENiQ cylinder, or the high-security multipoint door locks manufactured by Euro-Elzett.

In a company like ours, quality and the highest reliability must exist down to the last detail. DOM offers a wide range of industrial cylinders that perfectly matches our requirements. And also in terms of assembly, the solutions are economical. That convinced us.

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