Titan K1BB TR

TITAN K1BB TL family

Cylinder with trademark protection for maximum security and comfort

The only cylinder with trademark protection

The most popular Titan cylinder now combines the comfort of the K1 cylinder and strengthened protection - unique lateral pins and trademark protection against unauthorised key copying.  

K1BB TL cylinder has attractive keys with a square head for better grip made of new silver - material that is rust resistant. Lock your door in style!

K1 cylinder with lateral blockade and TL profile is suitable, as a single coded cylinder, for all lovers of classic locking systems, who want more than just the basic safety for their apartment, house or office.  

Its biggest strength is apparent in MKS, as its profile allows for different chamferings which allows you the design of larger and more complex locking schemes.  



  • Cylinder with 5 pins
  • Lateral blockade with 4 safety elements
  • TL trademark profile
  • Safety card

Additional options

  • N+G function
  • ASC function
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