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Managing your ENiQ Security Ecosystem

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Manage your security system wherever you are

The ENiQ App gives you all the control and insight of our desktop software just using your smartphone.

With the ENiQ App, you can access and programme every individual ENiQ device, whether it’s connected to your network or directly through local wireless communication with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. It always backs up your access plan and you can seamlessly switch systems if you would like to move to another mean of access.


  • EASY
    Download the app and you’re ready to go.

    Start with the app and move on to Access Management software at any time whenever you need it.
    Always have quick access to track events easily.

    Having a full programming tool in your pocket means you can always find quick solutions.
    The simple process in ENiQ App allows you to have more time to be more productive.

    Always have a backup of your security plan.

Programme the app in 3 simple steps 

1. Bring the ENiQ App closer to the transponder to programme it.

2. Take smartphone to door to programme data in the cylinder.

3. The person can now open the door with their transponder.

Compatibility List

The DOM ENiQ App is compatible with Android phones with NFC feature. Click on the link below to find out if your phone is compatible with the app.

Compatibility list

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  • The ENiQ App is made with users in mind, hence the easy design.
  • Easy set-up to create new users and new devices.
  • Making sure you always get a clear view of users, devices, and events from your smartphone.

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