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DOM Elzett

DOM-Elzett Kft. is the producer of Euro-Elzett goods.

About our companies

About us

We at DOM-Elzett are committed to providing reliable mechanical locking solutions. Thanks to the professionalism and wide product range of the DOM Security group, we are offering the best locking solutions.

Euro-Elzett branded products are durable and reliable. Since the establishment of the company in 1901, we have been developing our products to meet with the highest customer standards. Our locks can be found in most of the homes in Hungary, from the garden gate, through a modern PVC door, or even a premium quality wooden front door. Euro-Elzett locks are available at our wholesalers' network and door manufacturers in top quality and on affordable prices.

We DOMore for security

We believe that everyone and everything of value deserves to be kept secure, without compromise. That's why we develop the highest quality security and access solutions. To enable us to provide these solutions we focus on three essential areas of expertise: hardware, software and mechatronics. We are also commitment to constant innovation of our technologies, to keep ourselves and our customers ahead of the competition. Always.


Our Companies

Our Product Brands

Within our group we have many product brands, each with their own dedicated skills and experience. Due to this, we are able to create innovative locking solutions that are effective and can fit into any situation or environment.

Euro Elzett

Dom-Elzett Kft.

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Part of SFPI Group

Headquarters in Paris, we are an independent European industrial group part of SFPI specialising in locks and security systems. Group companies are well represented with offices throughout Europe and with distribitors or subsidiaries in other countries.