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UL (Underwriters Laboratory) is an American-based certification board that provides expertise, insights, and services for international businesses. Their line of certification, simply called the UL marking, is the single most accepted Certification Mark in the United States. There is always a UL certification for every business, and in our line of products, we are proud to mention that our panic devices (cross bar and touch bar) have earned the UL 305 certificate.

Benefits of UL

Approved by the world

Having a UL certification under your belt means that you are ready to enter the global business. The UL certificate is one of the most commercial certificates in the world. Products with UL certification are able to enter worldwide markets, especially markets that require EAN or American certification.

Most comprehensive certificate

Owning at least one UL certificate for your product is a noteworthy starting point. Since it is recognised globally, having at least one UL certificate will put your product "in front of the door" for any new market you aim to reach. 

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