NF certification

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What is the NF certification?

NF is a collective certification label established since 1947. It not only ensures that a product complies with the mandatory standards in force, but also meets additional quality criteria corresponding to the needs of users.

NF is one of the leading certification labels in Europe, known by 9 out of 10 people in France. Issued by an independent and impartial organisation (AFNOR), it ensures that the quality, safety, reliability and suitability for use requirements described in the certification standards and regulations have been checked and are respected. AFNOR verifies the conformity of products to be certified and carries out regular checks on the product and on the efficiency of the company's quality system.

This certification helps the general public in making better consumer choices : security systems that earn the NF certification, such as panic devices, fire resistant doors and building locks, are a guarantee of excellence, as one of the objectives of the NF certification is to distinguish the best products and services.

Why is NF an additional safety guarantee?

The NF certification's added value is that it is not a mandatory standard, but a voluntary quality certification label with a clear differentiation objective.

It shows the commitment of a manufacturer such as DOM Security to offer an additional guarantee of product quality and safety, which goes further than simply complying with the national and European norms in force.

In addition, the NF label is issued for a period of 3 years, and therefore requires regular checks by AFNOR in order to renew the certification, which guarantees a consistently high level of product quality.


Visit AFNOR's website to learn more (in French)