EU norms

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What are EU norms?

EU norms or EN (European norms) are technical standards developed and maintained by CEN (European Committee for Standardisation) and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation). Their aim is to form common specifications that meet the needs of business sectors as well as consumer expectations.

The notion of European standardisation is a key concept within the European Union economy, as it is meant to foster innovation and promote the adoption of new technologies. As a leading European industrial group, DOM Security is fully in line with this approach and all the group's subsidiaries are committed to ensuring that the products they manufacture strictly comply with the ENs and certifications in force for each product category.

All types of products in all economic sectors are indeed covered by these European standards, which include in particular locking systems with a key, also called cylinders (EN 1303) and mechanical locks & strikes (EN 12209). They complement national policies already existing in these areas.

In brief, European standards offer major advantages, such as reducing costs for both suppliers and purchasers of a product, improving product safety and performance for the benefit of end consumers, increasing energy efficiency levels, protecting workers in production and preserving the environment. 

High level of security for building protection

These European norms & certifications guarantee very high security standards: indeed, they regulate the classification of bullet-proof doors such as those manufactured by Picard Serrures. In terms of building doors, the European standard EN 1522-1523 sets out the requirements and classifications relating to the resistance of a door to ballistic projectiles.

EN 1522-1523 describes a very high level of security: it applies to attacks by pistols and revolvers, rifles, Kalashnikov-type assault rifles and shotguns. Since these weapons involve the firing of bullets of different calibres and different distances and angles of fire, the standard sets out different bullet resistance classes, with specific test conditions for each classification.

By combining products manufactured by DOM companies and meeting European standards, such as for a DOM door cylinder and a Picard Serrures bullet-proof door, our individual and professional customers can be sure that their environment or home is perfectly protected. This is precisely DOM Security's mission: everyone and everything of value deserves to be kept secure, without compromise.

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