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As an industrial group in a very competitive market, DOM Security is committed to providing its customers with ever more innovative products. By developing cutting edge technologies, many of our solutions are patented.

What is the role of patents ?

Patents are meant to protect technical inventions in all fields of technology. They are granted by an official organization (at the national or EU level, by the European Patent Office) for a specific period of time.

Patents prevent third parties from commercially exploiting an invention. This constitutes protection not only for patent holders but also ultimately for the end-customers. Indeed, this means that the technology supporting a product cannot be replicated. It is all the more crucial in the field of security systems: for example, DOM Security patented keys are protected against copying, which in turn protects our clients from the risks of lost or stolen keys.

Many of our products are covered by several patents, like the DOM ix Teco mechanical cylinder with reversible key, which offers patented protection until 2038. This is a pledge of safety and quality, which reassures end-users, whether they are professionals or homeowners.

DOM Security’s patents: innovation first

The patents DOM Security holds are proof of the innovation applied in the development of our products and solutions. For example, we have developed an unprecedented system on the market: the mobile element on a key blade, making it virtually impossible to reproduce. This patented innovation has become a signature of DOM. 

For DOM Security, innovation also means finding new and better ways to manufacture our products, in challenging contexts. The industrial process has always been a key part of DOM’s innovation. Our R&D departments and design offices are looking to the future and working on the solutions of tomorrow. We are studying and investing in new processes and technologies in order to provide innovation not only in the design of our products but also in the production methods and industrial tooling, for even more protected and secure locking solutions.