Open the door from your smartphone

Mobile keys and cloud-based security


The future of mobile keys

Who doesn't own a smartphone these days? Smartphones have become one of the essentials of daily life. With smartphones, not only can we call or send messages, but also play games, invest in stocks, send e-mails, and do other things you could only do with a computer before. With the advance of smart lock technology, smartphones can also be usable as a key, otherwise known as digital keys or mobile keys.

Why choose smart lock technology?

Contactless and safe

Mobile key/smart lock technology relies on a Bluetooth Low Energy/Near Field Communication feature that is sent between a door and a person's smartphone. Once the person's smartphone is in range of the digital cylinder, they can simply unlock the door by holding the smartphone close to the device. The person goes in, closes the door, and the cylinder automatically locks the door.

This point is highly beneficial for companies that employ a large number of people with different authorisations in different areas. The hospitality business, for example, can also make use of mobile keys to ensure a smooth contactless check-in process for their valued guests.

Scalable solution

If you are looking for a scalable solution, mobile keys/smart lock products can be a great tool. You can start small and when the opportunity or need arises, you can always upgrade the capacity of your mobile keys, such as adding more transponders or over-the-air (OTA) keys or additional restrictions.

Integrates with management software

Most likely, your company uses numerous different software to run the organisation, such as a booking service or administration software. Smart lock products mostly use cloud-based technology that is adaptable to various types of integration systems in the market. Therefore, the systems can communicate with one another, and there's a possibility for you to operate them from one interface.

More information?

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