IoT : Internet of Things

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What is IoT ?

Internet of Things, or IoT, is the interconnected technology between the Internet and objects, places, or physical environments. 

This ecosystem of connected objects or 'things' has many valuable and concrete applications, such as 'smart home' appliances for homeowners, corporate building security devices, or healthcare systems. 

The benefits of IoT integrated within a global security system 

Within the DOM Group, our companies have extensive expertise in the design of connected security systems. 

Omnitech Security has created the SEAL System, a unique hypervision tool for the administration, operation and maintenance of all softwares, devices and sensors contributing to the security of sites and the safety of people. SEAL System 5.0 software allows the integration of all types of safety devices, including of course IoT devices.  

Fully integrating smart objects within the management system is a key safety element: all the data exchanged and stored via these devices is used to enrich the information available at any time, strengthen security and facilitate decision-making in the face of security challenges. 

That is how, based on the data collected, Omnitech Security builds models for its clients that enable them to establish an appropriate security policy.  By collecting the maximum amount of information from the devices connected to the SEAL system, all the data is recovered and then anonymised by statistical processing to optimise the points in the security system that may have been detected as defective. 

Combining IoT and IT security with DOM 

Devices connected and controlled by the Internet offer obvious advantages for individuals and companies, but their explosive growth raises challenges in terms of data protection and the security of telecommunications. 

Being part of a global security system, a foolproof level of security is crucial for smart objects to prevent them from being the gateway to an IT security breach.

The DOM Security Group has a proven track record of designing reliable and innovative digital security systems, such as Omnitech Security's SEAL system, and also the ENiQ access control ecosystem from our DOM brand. Therefore in a collaboration with DOM, your integrated security system and all connected devices within can benefit from a higher level of security. 

All DOM products are secured through the use of extremely secure communication, thanks to the high end-to-end encryption standards. This means, for example, that between your locking apps and locking device, intruders have no chance if they try to hack your system.  

Many customers have trusted us to equip and secure all of their sites and sensitive environments, in the airport, health, industry and bank sectors, and have testified to the superior level of security offered by the DOM Security group.