The Art of Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity refers to the entire ecosystem of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices and data from attack. Today, it is an essential tool for businesses, government agencies, corporations, and medical organisations to collect, process, and store sensitive data. This data can be related to finance, military, intellectual property, personal information or other types of data that can have negative consequences if disclosed to the public.

As the volume of cyber data increases, companies need to be able to protect this information with the highest level of security, especially as cyber attacks become more versatile day by day.

DOM Security and Cybersecurity

DOMConnect®, the access control software for your building 

As a company moving into a digital locking system, we also take pride in our access control products, a part of cybersecurity. One of them is the DOMConnect® (currently available in the Netherlands, Germany and France).

DOMConnect® is an access control system in the form of digital integration to your current system. This extension allows you to extend your security policy to doors, lockers, and other access points that previously were too expensive to secure. Compatible with Mifare RFID transponders, DOMConnect® offers varied programming methods: online, offline, and data on card.

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SEAL system 5.0 by Omnitech Security

Created in 2005, SEAL System 5.0 is a software by Omnitech Security that integrates all devices and programmes in a building.

If you have a complex project and need software that allows you to configure different software solutions, SEAL system 5.0 is the way to go. The software helps big projects and businesses to configure a safety system that includes as much software as possible for simplification and ease of use.

SEAL system 5.0