Keeping the public safe 

A checklist of legal security requirements for public facilities


Public buildings, such as offices, stores, museums, hotels, schools, government boards, or entertainment venues need to comply with certain safety rules in order for them to legally host members of the public.

There are three key issues to address to ensure a public building is legally safe:

Protecting the people

Alerting people

A building must have a designated evacuation plan. It should have the equipment necessary to respond to an emergency by warning people and safely evacuating them.

Resisting fire

Any public building should have at least one emergency exit: a street-facing fire-resistant door that allows people out safely and enables emergency services to access the building easily.

Limiting explosion 

All parts of a building used by the public, such as elevators, emergency exits, service elevators as well as power supply, gas supply, heating and ventilation systems etc. must be safe to use and in perfect condition.

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