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Ensuring your guests' security

As the world moves increasingly towards automation and contactless services, many industries need to evolve their communication solutions, including the hospitality industry. Hotels, guest houses, holiday villages and youth hostels can use this technology to modernise their establishments (maximising the potential of their staff and improving the experience of their guests), while preserving the 'human touch' that is essential to hospitality services.

Switching to digital access means…

Optimising your check-in process

You can now greet your guests using a mobile app or through self-check-in.
Without outdated extensive administrative formalities, accommodation owners and hotel staff gain a lot of time to focus on other key tasks and more meaningful and personal discussions with guests!

Enhancing your guests experience

No more long queues at the counter, to check in or to sort out a demagnetised key; instead, your guests can make the most of their stay. They can enter and leave their highly secure room independently.

Our security solutions rely on cutting-edge technologies

RFID technology: the finest in the hotel market

Our radio frequency technology (RFID) is at the forefront of access control for hotels. This system is our answer to the requirement for a reliable, easy-to-use and elegant system.

We offer three models of Electronic shields or hospitality-focused RFID products called NANO, ADAPT and SLIM. Each has specific features to meet all the demands of today's hotel market.

Pincode technology: for smaller businesses 

The electronic handle with pin code keyboard is especially designed for guests in accommodation without a 24 hour reception, such as a bed and breakfast or temporary holiday accommodation. This product is able to generate access codes and avoid any anxiety over who has keys to the premises. Accommodation owners can change or set the code remotely via a Windows PC or mobile app without having to go to each door.