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With our armoured high-security doors

Discover the benefits

Having a safe door to protect the people is paramount, but in everyday life: itfor the most sensitive and treasured environments, security can be strengthened by installing armoured doors.

Why high-security doors?

They offer a great isolation


Armoured doors isolate sound and temperature better than regular house or office unit doors. Therefore, in the case of windy weather, the wind will not get inside of your building.


They are customisable


Armoured doors can be made specifically based on your budget, design, and your door requirements. Therefore, with armoured doors, you can have a personalised door that fits your house exterior and gives you extra security.

They are produced in Europe


Picard Serrures make their doors in France. Ordering armoured doors that are locally produced will not only help to reduce carbon footprint but also boost the country's economy.



CR4 certification for guaranteed safety

Armoured doors with CR4 certification are capable of withstanding high-level threats. CR4 is among the most demanding of security classifications.

The French CR4 standard guarantees that the lock integrated in an armoured door block offers a minimum resistance of 10 minutes to attacks using heavy methods such as power tools (drill, jigsaw, etc.)

CR4 certification makes these armoured doors an indispensable security asset in sensitive environments such as banks. This is the case with the Technica high security door produced by Picard Serrures, the armoured door expert within the DOM Security group.

The Technica is a steel, bulletproof security door, especially designed to guard access to sensitive areas. It can be fitted with a multi-point lock or a motorised lock and has 30-minute fire resistance. The door is manufactured in France and custom-made.

LSS multipoint lock

We developed a range of multipoint mechanical or motorized locks that, when integrated into a high-security door assembly, offer a minimum resistance of 15 minutes to attacks on the bolts, cylinder lock, hinges, as well as manholes, in order to optimize security measures in the face of various threats such as vandalism, theft, or terrorism.

The LSS multipoint lock range, which is adjustable from 2 to 9 closing points, has passed the CNPP tests for a total testing period in line with the grades in the standard, resulting in RC4 - RC5 certification under the EN 1627-1630 standard.