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Locks are an essential part of a door. A strong and robust door cannot work without strong door hardware, such as locks and cylinders. DOM Security produces the best door hardware solutions in the market, serving different needs and door specifications.

Protecting all kinds of doors, without compromise

DOM Security offers a wide range of door hardware solutions to suit your needs.

Electromechanical locks

The EML is DOM Security's first electromechanical lock. EML has two major characteristics: 

  • Even if the lock is activated, users can open the door from the inside using a handle or a panic device in an emergency.
  • The deadbolt is automatically thrown into place when the door closes, and the latch is set, causing the lock to be automatically secured.

This lock is quite simple to install. If a user wants to upgrade from an electromechanical lock to an EML, they can simply remove the old lock and replace it with the new EML. The tiny switches inside the lock allow users to keep track of how the lock is being used.

Code locks for doors

These products are excellent for managing secure access in public and private areas. They allow access to be filtered quickly and efficiently using a simple keypad, eliminating the need to manage keys. There is no need for wiring. These reversible elements are simple to assemble. Often, the existing locks do not need to be replaced and code locks can simply be fixed to an existing handle. Panic bars can also be equipped with a variety of models.


Wooden door single-point mortice lock

We also offer a mechanical, single-point mortice lock developed for service sector wooden doors. Its dimensions are based on those found in Northern Europe. This lock has received Certifire fire resistance certification, indicating that it can withstand a fire for up to 240 minutes.

Heavy door multipoint lock

Our motorised two-point lock is suitable for heavy doors or external gates and entrances. Light indicators (red and green) signal the status of the door and users operate the lock with an integrated electronic card.

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