Discover safety at your fingertips

with our digital access control solutions


Take control of your building’s security

With our digital access control solutions, you are in charge of granting or denying access to selected individuals and parts of your property (doors, windows, cabinets, lockers…) at any chosen time!

Going digital means opting for…

A long-term investment

Technology keeps on evolving: consistent updates ensure that digital solutions stand the test of time. DOM access control products have been developed and tested by the best experts in the industry, to ensure that you rely on the best security solution provider.

All-in-one system

Having a digital access control system for your building security means that you can manage your access point from a single platform, whether it is from an app, a computer program, or from your tablet. No more need to keep a record of mechanical keys, with digital access control: you can see everything at once.

Easy to use

Controlling access to your building has never been easier! Our digital access solutions are designed in a user-friendly way, so that installation and instructions are always understandable for users no matter how good they are with technology.

High security

Digital access control ensures high levels of security not only during operation but also within the technology itself. It is equipped with the most advanced encryption technology, ensuring that your data remains confidential and well protected.

Solutions that suit your facilities and uses

You can keep your existing system!

Do you have a large organisation that relies on integration software? We can harmonise our digital access control solutions with your current system. Extend your security plan to doors, lockers and other access points that were previously too expensive to secure. Compatible with Mifare RFID transponders, our technology offers varied programming methods: online, offline, and data on card.

Just get the app!

Our cloud-based solution is accessible from AppStore and Google Play Store. Add, revoke, and set access validity and time management for your customers and your scheduled employees simply by using your smartphone. Finally, deliver the over-the-air (OTA) mobile-keys to them from the same app. Or, you can use keyfobs by programming them straight from your smartphone and grant your employees immediate access to the office.

And if cabling is impossible…

due to distance or cost, as it often is in hospitals, for example, no worries: we've got you covered! We have a solution that employs LoRa technology, a long-range radio communication protocol, to provide the widest radio coverage on the wireless access control market. Whatever the type of building or its complexity, accesses can be managed with radio-electronic access control.

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