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Security Essen: Our top 3 innovations

3 October 2016

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With over 40,000 visitors from 119 nations in 4 days the Security Essen has been a great success. 1,040 companies from 45 nations presented their security solutions at this leading exhibition. DOM Security was proud to be one of the exhibitors and presented many new innovations. We would like to present our top 3.

1. DOM Tapkey
Tapkey is a patented cloud-based software solution that transforms ordinary smartphones into extraordinarily smart digital keyrings. It’s the ideal way to bring exciting new functionality and ease of use to DOM’s hardware and electronics, such as digital cylinders, padlocks and wall readers.

2. DOM Easykey
The new electronic codepanel solution that avoids the usage of cards or keys . Adaptable to any lock in the market, Easykey provides security and control, being a simple and comfortable tool in restricted environments (e.g. offices, hospitals, private areas or public buildings).

3. ixTwinstar
This turnkey system is our newest mechanic innovation. It has a long European patent and the highest technical key copy protection possible because there are two moving elements in the key. The product will be available in masterkey systems and single coded locking systems from the beginning of 2017.

  • DOM Tapkey
  • DOM Easykey
  • DOM ixTwinstar