Opening first DOM flagship store

22 June 2017

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Group News
Henri Morel (CEO) and Jerome Denis (BU Director Trade), officially opened the first DOM flagship store in The Hague, Netherlands.  Martin Kalkhoven, co-owner of the locksmith store “Kalkhoven Security” was proud to be the first DOM flagship store and to celabrate this special occasion the complete board came to visit the store.

“In cooperation with Kalkhoven we have redecorated the store outside with flags and a big DOM sign. Inside we have placed product displays, pillars with doors including our products and we made the store completely in line with the Evolution and Revolution campaign, with posters, flyers, window stickers, a ceiling hanger, garlands and a foldable cardboard. And last but not least we have created a real masterkey plan display,” says Group marketing director Erik Mastenbroek.

“We now display our expertise and offer our flagships store reseller Kalkhoven the tools to sell our new products to their customers, like homeowners, small business and building owners.”