DOM Security Goes Large on Solar Energy

28 May 2024

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Our major manufacturing site in Brühl, Germany, operated by
DOM Sicherheitstechnik, is poised to achieve a monumental reduction of more than 200 tonnes in annual CO2 emissions through the installation of one of the largest photovoltaic (PV) systems in the area.

A promising new source of energy production

With 1,084 high-performance PV modules installed on its roofs, the system is expected to produce an impressive 440,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. It's amazing to think that the power of the sun alone will be able to generate up to a tenth of the site's energy needs.

"Our aim is to optimise our operations so that we need less electricity - and at the same time generate a significant proportion of it ourselves," explains DOM Sicherheitstechnik’s Managing Director Jürgen Maronn: "This means a sustainable ecological gain for climate protection as well as economic benefits by minimising electricity costs."

The sustainable energy supply was made possible thanks to Stadtwerke Brühl GmbH, who were instrumental in implementing this cutting-edge technology. And, with more roof space available, there's potential to increase the amount of solar energy generated in the future.

A long-term initiative in line with the Group's Industrial Responsibility Plan

At this stage, DOM Sicherheitstechnik’s plan is for the solar power system to focus on covering peaks in daily consumption, but they have also developed other initiatives, such as installing electric vehicle charging points, to make it convenient for employees and visitors to use environmentally friendly transport.

As part of our commitment to the Sfpi Group's Industrial Responsibility Plan, sustainability is at the core of DOM Security's operations, so this is a big step towards our goal of reducing electricity consumption and improving our carbon footprint.